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Printing With Chromebooks

8-12-2017 The district just got new Xerox machines, until I have time to test these links I’m not sure if they still work.  Updates coming soon. – Miss Champion

In order to print on a Google Chromebook each individual user must have access to a website url(address) that allows them to share a Network Cloud Printer.

These links will take you to Smores for each campus Xerox printer.  The Smores have instructions that each user must follow the first time they ever print.

KHS Cloud Print Xerox Machine Link

KMS Cloud Print Xerox Machine Link

KES Cloud Print Xerox Machine Link

Below is an impromtu, unscripted youtube video, in case you need additional assistance.
Teachers I used a program that I had never seen before called Screen-Cast-O-Matic.  The program allowed me to login to my Kerens ISD email account, create a youtube channel and then upload this video.